NAMA Students Market Blue Ridge Apple Chips

Laura McNamara

NAMA student competitorsA big part of the NAMA Agrimarketing Conference is the student chapter marketing competitions. For this year’s “Leading the Charge” event, students from Virginia Tech have chosen to promote Blue Ridge Apple Chips for a company based out of Western Virginia. Team member Josh Stephens (pictured shaking hands far right) touts the apple chips as a healthy, on-the-go snack for busy-bodies living in the fast track… like us bloggers.

NAMA student competitors

You can listen to my interview with Josh here, where he explains why his team chose Blue Ridge Apple Chips. He also comments on what he’s learning through the NAMA experience… and he’ll tell you, marketing isn’t easy.

But then, that’s why we are all here at the NAMA Agrimarketing Conference isn’t it…nama08-stu-josh-stephens.mp3

2008 Agri-Marketing Conference Photo Album

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