John Deere Committed to Consumers at Agritechnica 2007

Laura McNamara

John Deere Demonstration at Agritechnica 2007It’s hard to miss the eight moving, hi-definition flat screen T.V.s, the blonde German actor, and the big moving E Premium Series tractor on the John Deere stage. The screens, actor and tractor would put on a show regularly throughout the day highlighting the key products and technology Agritechnica attendees will find at the John Deere exhibit from November 13 through November 17. I didn’t get to wander around all of the 16 buildings filled with displays during the preview days on November 11 and November 12, but, from what I did see, no other exhibit had a live demonstration quite as hi-tech as John Deere’s.

You can listen to Paul Leathem, the manager of John Deere Advertising in Africa, Europe and the Middle East ,briefly describe the three platforms for communication with farmers and dealers attending Agritechnica 2007 here:


Agritechnica 2007 Photo Album

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