Behind The Scenes at Pfizer Animal Health

Chuck Zimmerman

ZimmCast-132 - Pfizer Media EventHow many companies allow journalists to go behind the scenes and see the whole process of how a product is conceived and brought to market? Not many but that’s what Pfizer Animal Health did last week. I attended their “Delivering Solutions Through Research and Innovation” media event to which they invited cattle publication editors like Holly Martin, High Plains Journal and Bob Strong, Feedlot Magazine, who you’ll hear from in this week’s program.

Raegan WeberThe coordinator for our event was Raegan Weber, Pfizer Marketing Communications Manager (pictured). Raegan was very helpful and agreed to let me do an interview while we were on tour to discuss why Pfizer did this and what they hoped to gain by it. I think you’ll be interested to hear her perspective and especially what it takes to make an event like this happen. As you can imagine security was a major concern and I think Pfizer handled it very well.

I believe this event helped me understand the company much better and definitely taught me a lot about a serious animal health problem that Pfizer has invested significantly in creating producer solutions for. Holly and Bob agreed and you’ll hear them say that they’re coming away from the event not only with material for a story but a perspective that will help them write about the subject and the company in a much more informed way.

I want to thank Raegan and everyone at Pfizer Animal Health for inviting me along. Thanks also to Kenna Rathai and Lacy Carroll at Martin Williams for all their assistance too.

The program ends with music from the Podsafe Music Network and Brobdingnagian Bards. The song is “Health To The Company.”

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