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Chuck Zimmerman

ZimmCast478- Dwayne LeslieHere’s a great ZimmCast to end the year with on AgWired. I’ve brought Global Auction to your attention before and finally got to interview president Dwayne Leslie. Dwayne is a farmer who got into the internet business to provide his fellow farmers with information and products he needed and knew they would want as well. got him started and is now just one element of Global Auction In addition to a website that farmers can visit who are looking for farm products, Dwayne provides the auction site contents to publications and other traditional media outlets for their websites through an innovative syndication program. This allows traditional medias to earn revenue from offering new services to their advertising clients without cannibalising their current revenue streams. He’s started a blog about it all.

What got me interested to talk with Dwayne was the fact that he’s a regular listener to the ZimmCast on his Ipaq (pda). He emailed me about listening to it and other podcasts when he’s driving his truck or tractor. Dwayne talks about farmers adapting to and seeking out programming in the form of podcasts. One of the reasons he gives is that he gains a perspective from listening to programs from all over the country that he doesn’t get from local, traditional media outlets. He also doesn’t have to listen to the same content over and over and over. He believes there’s huge potential for companies (including the traditional media outlets) to provide content directly to farmers.

You can listen to this week’s ZimmCast here: Download MP3 File

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