CAFTA-DR Passes House

Chuck Zimmerman

House of RepresentativesOkay. Since you’re going to hear about this from everybody you may as well hear it here too. The House passed CAFTA-DR last night. Vote was 217-215. Does that not tell you how divided people are on this issue? Most ag groups seem to be for it so you’ll see and hear a lot of “congratulations” stories from them. Not all in ag are happy though and certainly not all politicians. For example, take the House Democrat Ag Committee. Here’s an excerpt from Collin Peterson: “Tonight’s House vote on the Central American Free Trade Agreement, or CAFTA, was a tragedy for American agriculture and rural communities.”

So far I’ve heard from the pork producers and the corn growers on their approval of the vote and I anticipate many more. Now let’s see what the President does. Of course he is a CAFTA supporter!