Here’s How Many News Directors We Can Email To

Chuck Zimmerman

After doing a little updating on our radio station news director database I thought you might be interested in a little bit of analysis. We get asked these questions all the time.

We have individual email addresses for 2,803 different radio reporters across the United States. However, they work for and are heard on over 6,000 radio stations! A few of these reporters are also reporting for radio networks in programming that can be aired on many radio stations. You can safely assume that on the average most radio reporters are doing double duty and reporting news on at least 2 stations. Hopefully this helps you understand the potential number of stations a news story could air on when a news release is sent.

These are the folks we email Talking News Releases to. As you may know we can break out any state or group of states and even station formats.

Regular breakouts of states that we use include the top 15 corn and soybean growing states as well as other commodity area breakouts. We’ll custom create one for your Talking News Release project!

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