More Good Info On Blogging For Business – Perhaps Agribusiness?

Chuck Zimmerman

I was just forwarded a link to this article on More good information and links to resources. It may seem overwhelming at first glance if you’ve never been involved in blogging but it becomes easier as you realize how the technology allows you to communicate information in a fast, personal way.

I spoke with an overworked agricultural organization communications director this morning. When I asked him about creating a blog and featuring a link to it on their webpage his response was “I’m loathe to create a monster I can’t feed.”

I understand. That’s why you need ZimmComm. I said, “Just email me information you would want to post if you had time. I’ll do it for you.” In fact, everyone on his staff could just send us their ideas and we’ll do the posting for them. With 3 or 4 people sending little notes and ideas I’ve no doubt we could generate frequent content!

Of course, I would want to make sure the blog clearly states that ZimmComm’s providing a “posting” service and the individual posts would be attributed to the person who submitted it. Anything wrong with that?

What do you think?


Great Info On Blogging & PR

Chuck Zimmerman

There’s a growing amount of information available on blogging and the impact this is having on public relations. For example the first ever Blog Business Summit just concluded in Seattle. I almost went but business is good (busy) and I can read all about it through several blogs like Tom Peter’s.

Another resource of information is Global PR Week.

Here’s the heading on the site:

“Looking forward to 2.0

The first edition of the Global PR Blog Week 1.0 is now over. During one week, 35 practioners published more than 60 articles and interviews on the impact of personal publishing on Public Relations. Enjoy the reading – and stay tuned for version 2.0.”

You may want to browse on over and click around!

What does this have to do with agricultural communications? Everything! Farmers are like the general public in their internet habits and with USDA providing so much financing in the last couple years for the development of rural broadband access, you’re going to see some amazing things happen in the ag communications world. If you need some help figuring it all out please give me a call. I’d be happy to consult on your blogging project!

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Helping Farmers Understand ARMS

Chuck Zimmerman

The Missouri Agricultural Statistics Service is using ZimmComm to send a series of 5 Talking News Releases to reporters around Missouri as part of their efforts to inform producers about the current ARMS (Agricultural Resource Management Survey) Survey that’s being conducted through the end of March. Here you can see me interviewing Gene Danekas, Missouri Director of Statistics, for audio we’ll include with the next release scheduled for distribution on February 7. Gene just recently presented this strategy to a group of visiting agricultural statisticians who were in Kansas City. Posted by Hello


Interesting Lunch Questions

Chuck Zimmerman

At lunch today the discussion centered around blogging of course and how this might become useful in the agricultural communications world since there isn’t much of it yet.

I’m going to write about a couple of the questions that were raised since I think they are of widespread interest. For example, it’s going to be somewhat challenging but I’m going to have to address the NAFB (National Association of Farm Broadcasters). I’ve been a member since about 1985 and still am but they’re facing some challenges. This should make for some interesting posts and I hope comments!

First, however, I’d like to challenge communications professionals to think about distributing information in a very new way. Blog it! Especially as it relates to you member organizations who hold big conventions and trade shows.

I’ll be attending the 2005 Cattle Industry Convention in San Antonio and plan to provide plenty of posts going and coming. Especially since I just got my Dell AXIM pda a great little wireless lan card that I tested out tonight. I’ll be looking for those wi-fi hotspots!


Example of a Talking News Release

Chuck Zimmerman

This is an example of a TNR we just distributed. You’ll notice that it contains a link to a fully-produced story that’s already voiced for the reporter to include in his/her newscast. They can also edit out the sound bites if they want.

Another format we regularly produce is a release with files links for sound bites only. This way the reporter writes their own story and has sound bites to insert into their newscast.

Contact me for other examples:

Missouri Agricultural Statistics Service
601 Business Loop 70 West
Columbia, MO 65203

Contact: Gene Danekas, Director of Statistics

ARMS Survey To Benefit
All Missourians

This is the second in a series of 5 reports which will be distributed every two weeks during the term of this survey.

Click Here For Audio Report: MO NASS ARMS Report 2 (1:27)

The linked audio will automatically download when you click on it. It contains a fully produced story to use in your programming or you may choose to voice yourself and edit out the sound bites. Please contact ZimmComm at if you have any problems.

Columbia, MO, January 24, 2005: The Missouri Agricultural Statistics Service recently sent an important survey to some 1100 farmers and ranchers in the state. Cindy Zimmerman reports.

When the surveys are returned they will help to reveal a picture of the economic health of the state’s ag industry and provide important data on production practices and resource use. American Farm Bureau chief economist Bob Young, former co-director for the University of Missouri’s Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute, says the Agricultural Resource Management Survey provides vital information on many levels.

“I’ve looked at this from the legislative side, the trade association side, the academic side and I couldn’t have done my job in any of those positions without this information in hand.”

The ARMS data is used for a wide variety of purposes, such as determining farm program loans and government payments, monitoring the benefits of farm bill programs, and evaluating economic challenges facing farmers and ranchers. Missouri Farm Bureau Federation president Charlie Kruse says the data also benefits farmers and ranchers on the state level.

“We use this information to make points about the importance of agriculture to Missouri, about the diversity of agriculture in our state, and also in our dealings with policy makers, whether they are legislators in the state capitol or members of our state congressional delegation, it’s so important to have the right information.”

Missouri agricultural producers who are chosen to participate in the survey are strongly urged to complete and return their forms as soon as possible.


This Talking News Release is being distributed by ZimmComm, . Please provide to the appropriate reporter or editor at your organization or to others who will be interested in the content. If you do not wish to receive future Talking News Releases, please contact Chuck Zimmerman at or by telephone at 573-896-5842 or mail at 1600 Skyview Dr., Holts Summit, MO 65043. Talking News Releases are produced and distributed by ZimmComm, a private marketing and communications company. Please feel free to submit your ideas or suggestions for how we may improve our service. Thanks!


2fer Offer

Chuck Zimmerman

I know this is commercial but we are in business for a reason you know and we promise to post meaningful information so you’ll want to visit often to see and hear what we have to say. We’ll begin posting audio soon by the way.

So, for our wonderful current clients and all of you out there who have been contemplating it, here’s the deal.

Place an order for Talking News Releases on or before February 28, 2005 and we’ll give you two for the price of one. You can distribute the releases anytime prior to the end of the year but we need your order. If you want us to do more than two (we hope you do!) the additional releases will be regular rate but qualify for a quantity discount. Make sense?

Just email me at or call 573-896-5842.

And just so you also get some useful information while you’re here. You might read this interesting post about sending releases to reporters and finding out if they’ve “used” it.

Hope you’re having a great day!


Talking News Releases Go Mobile

Chuck Zimmerman

In the coming months we’ll need to be on the road to places like the Cattle Industry Convention, Commodity Classic or NRECA Convention. We’ll still bring you news and information from the world of Talking News Releases since we can post by email or even mobile phone! In fact, this post is a first by email.< ?xml:namespace prefix = o />

Look in your inbox for a special offer coming out this week from ZimmComm!


MBIC Turns TNR’s Into Weekly Radio Programs!

Chuck Zimmerman

Talking News Releases (TNR’s) can take lots of different forms. The Missouri Beef Industry Council has us distribute a weekly TNR to Missouri radio reporters. Instead of a news release with sound bites we produce a fully self-contained interview called “The MBIC Report.” In this picture Chuck is interviewing Steve Taylor, Executive Director of the Missouri Beef Industry Council, about the upcoming Cattle Industry Annual Convention & Trade Show in San Antonio, TX. An emailed description of the interview is sent, along with an embedded link to the audio file that is streamed on our website that can air “live” or reporters can edit out the sound bites they want. This helps the MBIC communicate how it’s using cattlemen’s investment in the Beef Checkoff and provides the reporters with immediate audio they can use to make their reports sound better. Everyone wins! Posted by Hello

Ag Groups

Why Should You Blog?

Chuck Zimmerman

We’re amazed by the number of PR people who aren’t familiar with blogging, especially when it comes to agribusiness. It’s also amazing that ag-related blogs are kind of hard to find. This will change and now’s the time to get a jump start on using this great form of communication.

Here’s a piece of a series of articles on why you should consider a blog for your business or client that was posted on Bob Cargill’s blog. He works for Yellowfin Direct Marketing. You can find the posts at

Why Advertising, Marketing and PR Pros Should Blog (Part One)

Most advertising, marketing and public relations professionals know a blog when they see one, but when it comes to actually using this relatively new, self-publishing platform, there are still many skeptics and naysayers among us. This time next year, however, those people will likely have come to their senses. In 2005, I dare say you would have to be either misinformed or just plain obstinate to not at least consider adding a blog to your business plan. Here are ten reasons why:

Happy blogging!


Site Feed Available

Chuck Zimmerman

Now you can keep up with the latest posts on Talking News! If you have a news reader program you should be able to subscribe to our site feed. At the top of the page you’ll see a link to our feed. Just subscribe and then you’ll get a short piece of each new post, along with a link to it on the blog. It’s simple. And since it’s not email you don’t have to worry about things like spam or unwanted emails showing up in your inbox!

If you don’t have a news reader program go to this link to learn more: News Readers

Many of them are free and very easy to use.

Let us know what you think and we hope we can be of service.