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Chuck Zimmerman

Working on a Talking News Release for NRECA, Cindy is focused on editing audio from the first general session. She is much faster and better at editing audio and writing than yours truly. That’s why I’m taking the picture and she’s working! Posted by Hello

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The ZimmComm Team Ready For Action!

Chuck Zimmerman

We just got set up in the newsroom at the San Diego Convention Center at the NRECA annual meeting. We’ve got audio piped in from the General Session Ballroom. Tomorrow former Senator Bob Dole will be the keynote speaker right after Glenn English, NRECA CEO, makes his opening speech. We’ll be using audio from the speeches as well as other audio we collect through personal interviews to include with Talking News Releases that will be sent out nationwide. Posted by Hello

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Put A Little Corn Power In Your IndyCar

Chuck Zimmerman

The ethanol industry is getting a new champion. It’s an organization called EPIC (Ethanol Promotions and Information Council). It’s so new that I guess their website isn’t open to the public yet ( But it should be available soon.

I’ll be travelling to Washington, DC this week to attend their press conference. The invitation says it’s an announcement about the IndyCar Series partnering with ethanol. ABC racing broadcaster, Jack Arute, will be emceeing the event. I don’t have information on who the speakers are yet.

The press conference will be at 11:00am, Thursday, March 3 at Union Station. If you would like to attend you can rsvp to Joanna Schroeder by email or calling 515-247-2868.

EPIC appears to be supported by Broin, Fagen, Inc. and ICM. Additional support is provided by ACE (American Coalition for Ethanol) and RFA (Renewable Fuels Association).

At the Commodity Classic last week I was given an invitiation by Tom Slunecka, Executive Director for EPIC. He was visiting with media members in attendance their to solicit interest in the new organization and it’s upcoming press conference.

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Next Stop San Diego

Chuck Zimmerman

The Commodity Classic is behind me and the next stop is San Diego for the NRECA (National Rural Electric Cooperatives Association) annual convention. Cindy’s with me on this trip as we set up shop in the newsroom to help NRECA distribute Talking News Releases from their convention.

We expect to send out a release about their CEO’s message to the membership on Monday and others as the topics and opportunities arise.

These early morning flights are getting to be the norm lateley. It’s only about 6am St. Louis time.

Later this week I’ll be in Washington, DC for a unique press conference for a new organization that’s been formed to promote the use of ethanol to consumers. Keep an eye out for the announcement which you’ll read first here at Agrimarketing Pros!

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Pros And Cons Of Corporate Blogging

Chuck Zimmerman

I get sent great information from some good friends like Steve who’s been a great resource and guide as ZimmComm plows through the blogosphere.

Here’s an example that contains a link to a great article you’ll find worth reading:


When we first started talking about blogs and their potential for businesses and corporations, I cautioned that they can be a double-edged sword.

I found a really good article on that explores both the upsides and the risks of corporate blogging.,15114,1011763,00.html

I strongly urge you to read this very comprehensive piece. It gives specific, useful examples of how companies can do this wrong and how they can do it right. It’s not as easy as it looks at first glance.


Thanks Steve. You have offered great advice. I hope I can repay it someway.


1,547 Reporters Sent John Deere Talking News Release

Chuck Zimmerman

Yesterday I had a chance to show Barry Nelson, John Deere Public Relations Manager, how Talking News Releases work. He decided that his announcement today would be a good chance to try it out so . . .

John Deere had a press conference this morning. I recorded audio from each of the representatives quoted in the release. Those sound bites were edited and converted to mp3 files which are on our web server. Those files are then linked to in the release itself. We then emailed the release to reporters in the 31 soybean growing states. Those reporters not only have the release now but 8 different sound bites they can put on the air!

You can see the release here: John Deere Release

Isn’t that simple? And now John Deere’s release went to many new reporters who have the information they need for their medium. That audio can also now be used for other purposes and projects!