FMC Corp Acquires New Herbicide Rights

Cindy Zimmerman

FMC Corporation has acquired all global rights to a new and proprietary herbicide from Kumiai Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., and Ihara Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. The new herbicide is highly effective in controlling broadleaf weeds and will be initially developed for use in corn, cereals, soybeans and sugarcane in key countries around the world. “We are very pleased about the …

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BASF Wins Two ‘Product of the Year’ Awards

Jamie Johansen

BASF was recognized as the winner of two ‘Product of the Year’ awards at the 23rd Annual National No-Tillage Conference in Cincinnati. Headline AMP® fungicide won for the ninth consecutive time in the fungicides category, and Sharpen® herbicide won for the second consecutive time in the herbicides category. “Headline AMP fungicide continues to be the fungicide market leader for corn …

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Innovation Will Meet Needs of America

Joanna Schroeder

Dave Pesiri is the director of the Feynman Center for Innovation. He defines innovation as taking a new technology of idea into a new market. Los Alamos National Laboratory is a place where a lot of new technologies emerge, and the Center dedicates much of its time to working with others to deploy the technology from the pages of a …

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Verdesian Mission: Education

Joanna Schroeder

Verdesian has a mission as part of being a science-based company. And part of that mission is education – education of both journalists and farmers. To learn more about why this is so important, I spoke with Michael Berry, senior marketing manager with Verdesian, who hosted about half a dozen ag media at Los Alamos National Laboratory. As Berry succinctly …

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Los Alamos Nat’l Laboratory Ag Innovations

Joanna Schroeder

I recently had the opportunity to spend some time at the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). While the federal lab’s main mission is military defense, many innovations can be reimagined to work well in agriculture. To learn more about going from the lab to the field, I spoke with John Mott, technical writer for LANL. Mott first started at LANL …

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Get to Know Verdesian

Joanna Schroeder

Verdesian Life Sciences is a plant health plant nutrition company. According to CEO and founder JJ Grow, from the start their plan was to create a portfolio of companies that had really good technology focused on nitrogen and phosphorous efficiencies as well as delivery systems, elicitors and innocolents. Or “things that help fixate nitrogen”. Beginning in 2011 when Grow was …

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Verdesian – From the Lab to the Field

Joanna Schroeder

I recently had the opportunity to learn about Verdesian’s philosophy of how they take technologies and customize them to agriculture. I should take a step back and mention that Verdesian has a strong relationship with Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) in the process of taking their defense research and “spinning it off” for agricultural applications. As Nigel Grech, executive vice …

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FMC ZimmComm Girls

Joanna Schroeder

So the girls of ZimmComm are having fun this week at Farm Progress and took a moment to thank FMC for helping sponsor their coverage by dedicating a photo with the infamous “gold” mics sporting FMC wear. In case you missed it, FMC has launched some great new weed control management products this year including Solstice herbicide for corn along …

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FMC Solstice Herbicide for Corn

Joanna Schroeder

There is a product that has been getting great interest this year and that is FMC’s Solstice Herbicide for corn. While FMC is not onsite in Boone, IA this year, the company helped sponsor coverage of Farm Progress 2014. To learn more about Solstice, I turned to Gail Stratman, FMC Midwest technical sales lead who explained how the product works …

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FMC Talks Pre-Emergent Herbicides at AMS

Jamie Johansen

At the recent Ag Media Summit Chuck spoke with FMC’s, Len Dobbins, about the importance of pre-emergent herbicide technology when looking ahead to next year’s growing season. “FMC has really developed a number of herbicides to be used pre-emergently for soybeans and corn. The interest in pre-emergence has developed because of weed resistance. When we look back a number of …

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