AgGateway’s Jeremy Wilson Could Be Wrong

Cindy Zimmerman

Most people in the precision agriculture space know AgGateway Executive Vice President Jeremy Wilson with his more than three decades of diverse agriculture experience serving farmers including crop insurance, data collection and analysis, systems development, and field agronomy. He could arguably be called the most passionate person in the precision ag industry. But, he could be wrong. That was the …

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AgGateway President’s Award Winners

Cindy Zimmerman

AgGateway president and CEO Brent Kemp presented the President’s Awards at the annual meeting this week to three members of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for their work. Evan Wallace is an electronic engineer in the Systems Engineering Group and has been engaged with AgGateway since the days of the CART project when the Food Safety Modernization …

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AgGateway Meeting Explores AI in Ag

Cindy Zimmerman

Brooks Hamilton has been studying artificial intelligence for over 20 years, since “before AI was cool,” and he was the keynote speaker for the opening general session at the AgGateway annual meeting this week in Nashville. His presentation was on the “Seismic Changes” the AI revolution is bringing that will “reshape the industrial fabric.” Hamilton was thrilled to be able …

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Y-TEX® and Fort Supply Technologies™ Partner for Precision Livestock Management

Cindy Zimmerman

Y-TEX and Fort Supply Technologies (FST) are pleased to announce a new alliance to accelerate the availability, use and acceptance of ultra-high frequency (UHF) and low frequency (LF) technologies for the livestock industry. With this alliance producers throughout the livestock supply chain will have increased access to tools to better facilitate traceability at the speed of commerce and to enable …

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Adapt-N Focuses on Growing Integration Network

Cindy Zimmerman

Yara’s premier nitrogen management software Adapt-N has served agronomists for more than 10 years to support critical efforts in maximizing nitrogen investment and efficiency. Now, the company announces Adapt-N will focus efforts on building its integration network and will no longer offer direct interface access starting January 1, 2024 in order to provide long-term benefits and better suit the needs …

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Precision Ag News 11/9

Carrie Muehling

Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists are leaving no stone—or rather, leaf—unturned in their search for new ways to counter the fungus that causes tar spot, a yield-robbing disease of field corn in the midwestern United States. Several research studies have demonstrated that some strains of Alternaria alternata are effective biocontrol organisms that can reduce the damage caused by plant pathogens, …

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GS Vortex Systems Launches Vortex Flow Amplifier

Cindy Zimmerman

GS Vortex Systems today announced the launch of their flagship product, the Vortex Flow Amplifier, solving fluid transportation cost and reliability challenges for agricultural irrigation systems and multiple flow-critical industries. The company will be showcasing its products at the 2023 Irrigation Show, November 28 – December 1, in San Antonio, TX. The Vortex Flow Amplifier transforms fluid flow dynamics and …

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2023 AgGateway Annual Conference Preview

Cindy Zimmerman

The 2023 AgGateway Annual Conference is coming up November 13-15 in Nashville, Tennessee. AgGateway President and CEO Brent Kemp says the conference is a benchmarking event, where the industry gathers to understand the state of interconnectivity in agriculture, what the association and its membership has accomplished over the past year, and the core initiatives on deck for the year ahead. …

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Precision Ag News 11/2

Carrie Muehling

Three major businesses and organizations have signed on as sponsor partners for a benchmarking study into the use of agricultural biologicals by farmers and growers. The study: “Biologicals: Specialty Crop Growers’ Perceptions, Values, and Potential,” is set to provide a robust depth of understanding around grower-centric sentiments about the use, benefits and future for biological inputs when applied to specialty …

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DPH Biologicals and UIUC Partner to Manage Crop Residue

Cindy Zimmerman

DPH Biologicals and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) are teaming up to validate the impact biologicals make to accelerate decomposition of crop residue, with the goal of unlocking the adoption of more sustainable and profitable farming practices. Starting in spring of 2023, the UIUC Crop Physiology Lab run by Fred Below, Ph.D. and Connor Sible, Ph.D., began researching the …

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