Lindsay Announces Enhancement to FieldNET Advisor

Chuck Zimmerman

LindsayOne of the exhibitors at the Modern Ag on the Mall in Washington, DC was Lindsay. I spoke with Gustavo Oberto, President, Global Irrigation. We started with why the company took part in this year’s event and what he hopes they accomplish. From there we focused on the new improvements in irrigation management so farmers can manage their water use. That is the recently announced FieldNET Advisor enhancement.

“We build solutions by farmers, for farmers,” said Gustavo Oberto, president of irrigation for Lindsay. “That’s why it is so important to us that the team building our products and technologies has first-hand knowledge of how those solutions are working in the field.

Here is a list:

FieldNET Advisor Enhancements
Growers around the world use FieldNET Advisor every day to monitor irrigation patterns and check soil moisture levels. The additional product benefits now available to growers are:

  1. Easy enrollment for the whole operation and customized recommendations to grower management preferences
  2. Satellite imagery estimates crop water usage providing up-to-date data that automatically tracks how conditions change through the growing season; wind, hail, disease, and other factors are all accounted for
  3. Manage the whole farm at a glance, including crop canopy development, crop water use, weather, and irrigation recommendations
  4. More easily review data and execute irrigation decisions on a mobile device
  5. Simplified, whole-farm pricing with only one subscription to manage
  6. Connect your on-farm Pessl weather station to FieldNET and incorporate local weather data into your irrigation recommendations

You can listen to my interview with Gustavo Oberto here: AEM Ag on the Mall - Gustavo Oberto, Lindsay 5:59

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