Grounded in Ag Training Platform Introduced

Cindy Zimmerman

Communications and training firm Grounded Communications LLC is launching Grounded in AgTM, a new online training platform to address the agricultural knowledge gap for organizations.

The platform is designed to meet the needs of anyone seeking a better understanding of agriculture starting with foundational topics, according to Janice Person, founder of Grounded in Ag and CEO of parent company Grounded Communications LLC.

“The goal of Grounded in Ag is to offer a new way for people to be more productive early in their tenure and help them avoid costly mistakes that jeopardize customer trust or, more importantly, their own credibility or that of their employer,” Person said, noting that the audiences for the platform primarily include professionals who serve agriculture organizations, in functional areas including marketing, communications, human resources, legal, regulatory and even finance. “The diversity of sources and topics is incredible – we have 40 plus experts offering more than 700 years of experience in ag teaching in these courses,” Person said.

The platform includes easy-to-follow videos (most ranging from 5-20 minutes in length) augmented with a full range of curated, vetted links to resources online that can add more depth to the understanding of a given topic. In addition, downloadable PDFs are available to provide additional information and for future reference. Because applying this information to their current organization is so critical, there are other PDFs provide areas of inquiry for the employees to dig into what impacts their segment most and why. All of this coursework is paired with a community that lets people interact with peers and stay current on real-time industry developments.

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