Get to Know Pivot Bio

Cindy Zimmerman

Pivot Bio visited the NAFB Convention Trade Talk earlier this month in Kansas City to talk about its unique offerings for farmers and companies.

As a sustainable agriculture company, Pivot Bio delivers farmers patented crop nutrition technologies to deliver nitrogen to plants without the negative impacts of synthetic fertilizer. “Pivot Bio provides growers a technology opportunity to deliver a better form of nitrogen that comes from microbes that continuously fix atmospheric nitrogen and deliver ammonia directly into the plant,” said Randy Minton, Pivot Bio Head of Commercial Sustainability. “The benefit of that delivery system is that it creates a sustainability benefit.”

Pivot Bio’s N-OVATOR™ Program translates growers’ synthetic nitrogen replacement into the environmental impact they delivered which contributes to corporate partners’ sustainability goals while generating new revenue for growers. “We believe we have the capability to create really strong partnerships and really great opportunities for growers and we want to make sure that the majority of that revenue coming from those programs flows back to the grower,” said Minton.

Pivot Bio recently presented research focused on PROVEN® 40, a product offering a microbial source of nitrogen specifically designed for corn crops.

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2023 NAFB Trade Talk - Randy Minton, Pivot Bio 6:17

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