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Precision Ag News 8/30

Carrie Muehling

  • Pairwise, a food and agriculture company known for bringing the first gene-edited food to the U.S. market, and Bayer announced a new five-year, multi-million dollar agreement focused on innovations in short-stature corn. This new program leverages Pairwise’s Fulcrum platform and builds on the success of the companies’ initial five-year collaboration for corn, soy, wheat, cotton, and canola.
  • The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is announcing the selection of 33 organizations to receive over $3.1 million in funding for projects under the Environmental Education Grants program, including $99,795 to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln will use the funding to expand the Know Your Well Project and develop a science curriculum that will be rolled out to over 100 rural Nebraska high school students with the goals of increasing science literacy, awareness of agricultural practices, and groundwater stewardship.
  • Encouraging results from a three-year on-farm sustainability project show that implementation of conservation practices can have a lasting impact on the natural resources of the farm and surrounding areas. Most notable was that 91 percent of fields in the project have improved water quality by mitigating excess loss of subsurface nitrogen. The three-year findings, based on 2020-2022 data, are detailed in a 19-page report available online at
  • New research by scientists at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center and Cornell University provides a key enabling technology to produce obligate outcrossing in soybean. The newly published study, Introduction of barnase/barstar in soybean produces a rescuable male sterility system for hybrid breeding in the Plant Biotechnology Journal revealed that obligate outcrossing with the Barnase/Barstar lines provides a new resource that can be used to amplify hybrid seed sets, enabling large-scale trials for heterosis in this major crop.
  • Agrela Ecosystems, a startup launched by Nadia Shakoor, PhD, principal investigator, at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center announced the pilot launch of its flagship product, PheNode. This milestone marks the first step towards a full-scale commercial release set for 2025. PheNode is an advanced, scalable environmental sensor platform designed to empower users with customizable data collection and the rapid integration of new technologies.
  • Corteva Agriscience announced the expansion of its U.S. fungicide portfolio with the launch of Viatude fungicide, a new solution for farmers from northern U.S. soybean-producing states to help protect their soybeans from white mold disease.
  • CropX, a global leader in digital solutions for agronomic farm management, announced the appointment of agricultural technology veteran John Gates to Chief Revenue Officer. Gates will oversee CropX’s commercial expansion globally following leadership roles in Europe and North America.
  • Trace Genomics, an industry-leading provider of science-validated soil biology insights, and Taurus Agricultural Marketing, market-leading distributor of agricultural products in Canada, announced an international partnership.
  • As Farm Equipment Magazine prepares to celebrate its 55th Anniversary this October with a special issue that looks back at the past five decades of the farm equipment industry, parent-company Lessiter Media has announced a special partnership with NAEDA’s Equipment Dealers Foundation to use the momentous occasion to raise funds for technical education scholarships.
  • Arva Intelligence Corp. and MillPont announce an innovative and strategic collaboration to enhance the confidence of ecosystem market participants in the integrity and exclusivity of environmental asset claims in the agricultural market. Arva will work with MillPont, leveraging their environmental claims clearing solution platform, Atlas.
  • Forty years ago, a desire to change the fertilizer industry brought Troy Bancroft and his father-in-law, Douglas Cook, together to start a groundbreaking company. Now AgroLiquid is celebrating the progress made throughout those 40 years and looking to the future.
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