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Truterra Announces New Programs for Farmers

Cindy Zimmerman

Truterra, LLC, the sustainability business of Land O’Lakes, today announced the launch of four new data-driven regional and crop-specific programs to support farmers as they adopt regenerative growing practices.

The offerings include a long-awaited solution for long-term adopters, Truterra’s first cotton-specific program, first nitrogen management program following a successful pilot and more. These programs build on Truterra’s mission to support farmers wherever they are on their sustainability journey and provide flexible, farmer-friendly programs.

Truterra’s new 2023 sustainability programs include:

Cotton Field Data Management program available for eligible Tennessee farmers to enroll – in exchange for providing field management data and signing a one-year commitment, eligible farmers will receive compensation as well as exposure to the transformative power of data-driven agriculture.

Wheat Field Data Management program is available to eligible farmers in Ohio, Maryland and Kansas at the start of their sustainability journeys, with wheat in rotation between 2018-2023.

Supply Shed Benefits for long-term adopters of sustainable practices. Farmers in Indiana are eligible if they have implemented strip-till or no-till and/or added cover crops on fields with corn. The practice must be in place for crop year 2023, regardless of the date of practice change.

Nitrogen Management Incentive is available for eligible farmers with corn fields in Illinois having met the qualifying practice changes. The program is designed to be flexible in how a farmer may be incentivized, with either the reduction of fertilizer and/or addition of stabilizer.

To learn more about these new programs and the range of Truterra services visit https://www.truterraag.com/enroll.

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