Cotton Pesticides and the Endangered Species Act

Cindy Zimmerman

L-R: Leah Duzy and Ashlea Frank, CSI; Jack Royal, Royal’s Ag Consulting Company; Rogers Leonard, Integrated Crop Consulting

The future of pesticides under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) was a topic for a panel at the Beltwide Cotton Conferences Consultants Conference this week in New Orleans.

The panel was composed of Leah Duzy and Ashlea Frank, Compliance Services International (CSI); Jack Royal, Royal’s Ag Consulting Company, Leary GA; and Rogers Leonard, Integrated Crop Consulting, St. Josesph, LA.

“EPA must comply with the Endangered Species Act,” explained Duzy. “Any products currently registered have to go through registration review every 15 years and have to meet their ESA obligation.”

EPA now has a work plan which was updated in November which outlines strategies and actions for EPA to meet that ESA obligation. “Because of this work plan there are going to be changes to labels with Endangered Species specific information,” said Frank. That includes a directive to check an EPA website which contains species and geographically specific mitigations.

According to Frank, number of endangered species varies around the country, but virtually every county has at least one and the total nationwide is around 1700.

Listen to the panel conversation and an interview with Duzy and Frank below.

2023 Beltwide Cotton Pesticides and Endangered Species Act panel 44:59

2023 Beltwide Cotton interview Leah Duzy and Ashlea Frank, CSI 7:54

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