Land O’Lakes Supports Farmers Curious About Carbon

Cindy Zimmerman

Farmer-owned cooperative Land O’Lakes is encouraging more farmers to adopt regenerative farming practices by working to remove one of the biggest barriers – fear of lost profitability and productivity of their acres.

This effort is made possible through the Land O’Lakes cooperative system, with Truterra’s work in supporting farmers with sustainable practices and WinField United’s scientific approach to crop management and the expertise of local ag retailers.

The goal of the program is to create a pathway for farmers to improve their soil health and potentially become eligible for future market opportunities through Truterra and WinField United as a result of continuous cover and/or tillage changes. For example, through Truterra’s most recent carbon offer, participating farmers can earn up to $25 per tonne of sequestered CO2 upfront for new carbon stored in soils, with a contract designed to help maximize farmers’ earning potential and flexibility.

While Truterra has proven to be a leader in providing farmer-driven carbon programs, this marks the first time its offerings are marketed together with the WinField United Advanced Acre® Rx prescription plan to further demonstrate that sustainability and profitability can go hand-in-hand for farmers. The agronomic prescription service, Advanced Acre Rx, uses data and insights specific to how and where farmers are operating with the goal to increase profit potential per acre and lower per-bushel costs for corn and soybeans. All options in the Advanced Acre Rx program include an agronomic plan; including products and ag technology recommendations, with a service warranty for performance.

To learn more and to get started, growers can visit their local Truterra retailer.

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