Precision Ag News 6/8

Carrie Muehling

  • John Deere announces updates to its 5 Series Utility Tractors, which include more options to make it easier for rural property owners, farmers, ranchers and fleet owners to match the right tractor to the many jobs they need that tractor to do day after day.
  • General Mills and Ecosystem Services Market Consortium (ESMC) announced a multi-year roadmap to scale Eco-Harvest, ESMC’s market program that recognizes and rewards farmers for beneficial environmental outcomes from regenerative agriculture.
  • The largest, highest quality analysis of data ever conducted reveals that genetically modified Bt corn has little impact on nontarget insects and other organisms, especially compared to growing conventional corn. This study was published in Environmental Evidence by a USDA Agricultural Research Service scientist and his Swiss colleagues.
  • A new, $5.25 million greenhouse is being built on the University of California, Davis, campus to safeguard an important grapevine collection from red blotch disease and other pathogens. The 14,400-square-foot greenhouse will have a vestibuled entry, be insect-proof and provide another level of disease protection. It is being spearheaded by Foundation Plant Services, or FPS, which provides the U.S. grape industry with high-quality, virus-tested grapevine plant material.
  • Dr. Gary Beall and Dr. Rusty Phillips have teamed up with key experts in the produce industry to accelerate the growth of Nabaco Inc. Nabaco manufactures a revolutionary safe and edible coating, called NatuWrap, that extends the shelf life of produce.
  • Traction, a comprehensive farm accounting solution, is now connected to the Climate FieldView platform, providing farmers the option to share field records seamlessly from their FieldView account. With this new capability, Traction delivers accurate field profitability analysis and up-to-date inventory tracking for farmers across the U.S.
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