NCBA President Testifies on Cattle Market Policies

Cindy Zimmerman

National Cattlemen’s Beef Association NCBA President Don Schiefelbein of Minnesota testified before a House Agriculture Committee hearing Wednesday on cattle market policy issues.

Schiefelbein urged House members to support key policies with broad, unified support across the entire cattle industry including a cattle contract library, Livestock Mandatory Reporting (LMR) reauthorization, and investments in small regional processing capacity expansion.

“The only people who know exactly how cattle producers should navigate these uncertain times are the individuals who work around the clock, day in and day out, to raise the safest and highest quality beef in the world—in other words: cattle producers,” said Schiefelbein.

Schiefelbein’s testimony was rooted in the policies adopted by NCBA through its century-old grassroots policymaking process. Instead of focusing on controversial matters, NCBA has encouraged Congress to support policies with wide industry backing.

“Broadly supported proposals have seen tremendous legislative success in this chamber recently,” said Schiefelbein. “However, repeatedly belaboring the same divisive issues has detracted from that collaborative work to the benefit of no one. It is time to move on and focus on areas where agreement can be reached.”

Listen to Schiefelbein’s opening remarks here:
NCBA President Don Schiefelbein (5:16)

Wednesday’s hearing included a panel consisting of the CEOs of the four major meat packing companies – Cargill, Tyson, National Beef and JBS. The hearing was based on allegations that the big four meatpackers have engaged in unfair practices that have driven down prices for cattle producers and led to distorted markets.

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