C is for Care Tells Kids About Cattle

Cindy Zimmerman

Zoetis and Ag Storytellers have collaborated on a new children’s book that celebrates the special bond between humans and cattle.

C is for Care is written by Amanda Radke and illustrated by Michelle Weber and features the special care for beef and dairy animals in an A-to-Z format.

“We know the relationship between humans and cattle is two-way; our customers care and provide for animals so the animals can provide for us,” said Becky Lambert, Vice President, U.S. Cattle Marketing for Zoetis. “There’s tremendous value in helping educate the next generation of consumers on the responsible care that beef and dairy producers provide to their animals every day.”

For Radke and Weber, this book fits in with the type of story they are passionate to share. “As cattle producers ourselves, we want to share the positive story of animal production agriculture,” Radke said. “This project helps us tell the story of cattle care with young children and their families, so future generations can appreciate the love and dedication that U.S. beef and dairy producers put into raising healthy animals.”

Buy it here and share it with your non-ag friends!

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