Verdant Delivers Multi-Action Robot for Specialty Crops

Cindy Zimmerman

Verdant Robotics today announced the expansion of its robot-as-a-service (RaaS) model to develop the first multi-action, autonomous farm-robot for specialty crop farmers.

Verdant raised $21.5 million to develop the robot, which is capable of millimeter-accurate spraying, laser weeding, and AI-based digital crop modeling. Verdant has already contracted to service approximately 40% of the U.S. carrot market exclusively for the next five years and is currently scaling to meet the needs of the U.S. multi-billion-dollar fruit and vegetable industry.

“Farmers told us not to give them more data, but to figure out what to do with the mountains of data they already have, or better yet just go do it,” said Gabe Sibley, PhD., co-founder and CEO, who brings more than 20 years of experience in geo-spatial computation and AI. “They want a complete solution that takes action in real-time and keeps farmers in control – all while improving profitability and automating dangerous, back-breaking field work.”

Following successful large-scale roll-out over the past 18 months, Verdant logged thousands of hours in 2021 and is already proven on multiple crops. “Today, Verdant machines are in the field all-day, every-day helping farmers achieve superhuman efficacy,” said Sibley.

Combining multiple technologies, the company’s 6-row and 12-row commercial implements can treat up to 4.2 acres per hour, achieving a higher weed-removal rate per acre than other technology or human ability, and reducing chemical usage by up to 95 percent. Simultaneously, its autonomous software system collects data and uses machine learning capabilities to optimize yield and growing outcomes, ultimately unlocking new revenues to help farmers reach profitability and sustainability goals.

Learn more about this new development in this interview with Sibley.
Interview with Verdant Robotics CEO Gabe Sibley (10:58)

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