SABIC Signs Agreement With Intrinsyx Bio

Cindy Zimmerman

SABIC, a global leader in diversified chemicals with a focus on agri-nutrients, has signed a technology collaboration agreement with Intrinsyx Bio, a California based company focused on the development and commercialization of endophytes (plant microbes) that can increase crop yields and optimize fertilizer usage.

As part of this collaboration, SABIC will be evaluating Intrinsyx Bio’s patented endophyte products’ technology and their ability to fix nitrogen from the air and improve crop yield and farmers’ investment.

“SABIC Agri Nutrients Company focuses on responsive sustainable innovations to provide food and fiber to the world. This collaboration with Intrinsyx Bio would lead to the next generation bio-enhanced fertilizers,” said Munif Al Munif, General Manager T&I of SABIC Agri Nutrients Company.

“We are excited to partner with SABIC to commercialize this technology and meet their sustainability goals. Our solutions enable companies like SABIC to optimize nitrogen use on a global scale,” said Ahsan Ali, CEO of Intrinsyx Bio.

Intrinsyx Bio’s solutions are built on three decades of academic research in the plant microbiome and field trialing across the US and Europe. Its endophyte products rely on improved nutrient use efficiency to simultaneously increase crop yields and optimize the use of nitrogen fertilizers.

Studies show that conventional nitrogen management is only 30-50% efficient in terms of what the plant utilizes. The rest is lost to the environment through volatilization and leaching.

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