Carbon Markets Take Spotlight at #ASTACSS

Cindy Zimmerman

The growing role of carbon management in agriculture is such an important topic right now that the ASTA CSS & Seed Expo devoted a special general session to it on Wednesday. Two panels, with an introductory keynote from Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI), explored carbon management from the local to the global scale, and what is new in the carbon marketplace.

LtoR: Elizabeth Fastiggi, Amazon; Sheila Remes, The Boeing Company; Bruce Knight, Strategic Conservation Solutions; Jason Weller, Truterra

Bruce Knight, Strategic Conservation Solutions, moderated the carbon marketplace panel featuring three major companies making news in the carbon space.

Sheila Remes, The Boeing Company, talked about the opportunities for the seed industry in sustainable aviation fuels. “A week ago, I was on the first 100 percent biofuel flight, sustainable aviation fuel flight, with United leaving from Chicago to Washington D.C.,” she said. “It was seed to sky.”
Sheila Remes, The Boeing Company (9:28)

Elizabeth Fastiggi with Amazon shared today’s major announcement from Bayer, Bushel and Amazon Web Services (AWS) unveiling Project Carbonview. “This is designed currently for the ethanol supply chain and specifically for..ethanol processing facilities and the information they need to make good procurement decisions.”
Elizabeth Fastiggi, Amazon (6:34)

Finally, Jason Weller, Truterra/Land O’Lakes, was able to show how they are helping farmers monetize their carbon with the results of its first year carbon program. “We launched our program in February, it was national in scale, we were a little bit blown away by the response from growers,” he said. “Thousands of producers were interested in enrolling in a carbon program.” Truterra’s 2021 offering made more than $4 million in cash payments upfront to participating farmers, who sequestered over 200,000 metric tons of carbon.
Jason Weller, Truterra/Land O'Lakes (6:30)
Interview with Jason Weller, Truterra (11:15)

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