Intrinsyx Biology Appoints New Board Chairman

Cindy Zimmerman

Intrinsyx Bio, one of the nation’s leading biological companies focused on the development and commercialization of plant microbes, has appointed Greg Thompson as Chairman of the Board.

Thompson, 48, was one of the original founders of Verdesian Life Sciences, a North Carolina-based agricultural technology company specializing in nutrient use efficiency technologies. As President and Chief Operating Officer, he led the acquisition and integration of six companies to expand Verdesian’s global market presence.

Thompson also has extensive experience leading companies in the food ingredients and biofuel industries. He previously served as CEO of PureField Ingredients, the nation’s leading producer of wheat protein, and White Energy, a leading manufacturer of low-carbon biofuels. Thompson spent the first 10 years of his career with BASF.

“The growing emphasis on environmental sustainability gives Intrinsyx Bio the opportunity to make its mark in the agricultural field,” Thompson said. “It has developed natural biological fertilizers, backed by decades of research, with benefits that have broad appeal to farmers.”

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