Day One of the 2021 Farm Progress Show

Chuck Zimmerman

2021 Farm Progress ShowWelcome to Day One of the 2021 Farm Progress Show. I’m here all by my lonesome for a change. However, I’ve got plenty to do which includes working with Syngenta and some of our other clients like the Renewable Fuels Association. I’m going to do my best to take care of them while also getting interviews and lots of photos today and tomorrow.

I really wanted to have a FPS sunrise photo but the fog did not allow it. However, this nice traffic guide posed for me on his horse so I’m good with that. We’re about to open up the gates on a new day and a new world. Due to Illinois Covid restrictions an “indoor” facility holding 50 plus people requires face masks. The media tent qualifies for that so you’ll be seeing some folks in my photos wearing them. If we could lift some tent sides we wouldn’t be required but that defeats an air-conditioned tent!

Here are some photos I’ve just started with: 2021 Farm Progress Show Photo Album

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