ARISE USA, Milton, FL – Interview with Robert David Steele

Chuck Zimmerman

ARISE USA The Resurrection TourARISE USA The Resurrection Tour stopped in Milton, FL this past Saturday. The event was set up at Jernigan’s Landing right on the Blackwater River. It was a beautiful day and people seemed to be having a lot of fun. There was live music on stage and then speakers, including Robert David Steele, who masterminded this 84 stops in 50 states tour. I spoke with Robert before the program started. He describes how the tour has been put together and what he hopes to accomplish as a result of this grass roots movement. And, yes, that’s the Golden ZimmComm Microphone being put to use.

This tour is all about faith, family and freedom and embraces a diversity of people who share the vision of local support to get our country back to the values that made it the great nation it is.

You can listen to my interview with Robert here: Interview with Robert David Steele (5:49)

Robert says the tour is entirely dependent on donations which can be made here.

You can find plenty of photos from the event here: 2021 ARISE USA The Resurrection Tour – Milton, FL Photo Album

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  1. Robert sais on Infowars that there are kids slaves on Mars! And for that reason, I’m out!

  2. We don’t find out about events til after the fact. We ( my family) want to attend the Oklahoma event. It’s on Monday, is it still too soon to announce ? We do want you all to be safe. ❤️

  3. I’ve tried to keep up with your each day but having trouble finding it. I plan to be at the one in Providence! Hope tour is getting bigger as people wake up to what your doing!!!

  4. Attended the Stillwater Oklahoma event on May 31st and what a let down! Apparently they had a breakup with Sasha as he was the primary reason I attended. He brings a much needed frequency of unity to most all he participates in. That said, I found it to be a Christian revival Event! Where’s the unity in that! Robert announced Sacha had some business to attend too. Lol! Talk about TRUTH, what a HIPPOCRATIC joke! Robert could not even be truthful to the group!! They performed an exorcism on a women without even asking her. And the whole focus was on Christianity! Next day I saw Roberts post stating the buses are now filled with riders who are all Christians. Robert announced his finding of Jesus/god. What about Jews, Catholic, and the numerous others faiths?? What a sham, and what a waste! Don’t attend unless you are a Christian!

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