Weather Forecasting Tops Cotton Consultants Conference

Cindy Zimmerman

From drought to hurricanes, weather is the single biggest variable for any farming operation, so first up this morning for the 2021 Beltwide Cotton Consultants Conference General Session was atmospheric scientist Eric Snodgrass with Nutrien Ag Solutions.

Snodgrass took participants on an interesting journey from the Dust Bowl of the 1930s to what weather may lie ahead in the next three months. His presentation includes fascinating photos, videos and maps, so if you are a weather nerd, you’ll definitely want to register, if you have not already, and watch the whole 45 minutes.

In this excerpt, Snodgrass talks about 2020 weather events including drought in the west and a dozen hurricanes, and how weather forecasters are making their best predictions for the rest of winter and early spring.
2021 Beltwide - Eric Snodgrass, Nutrien 7:11

Chuck Zimmerman interviews Eric Snodgrass about the weather.
2021 Beltwide Interview with Eric Snodgrass, Nutrien 10:12

2021 Beltwide Cotton Conferences Virtual Newsroom

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