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#ASTACSS Explores Hybrid Wheat

Cindy Zimmerman

The CSS in ASTA CSS & Seed Expo stands for corn, soybeans and sorghum, but in recent years a little wheat has crept into the rotation.

“Hybrid Wheat – What is Different This Time?” was the title of the last session at the 2020 Seed Expo, featuring a panel of experts from the world of wheat. One of them was Jessie Alt, Global Wheat Lead for Corteva Agriscience. You might remember Dr. Alt from a few years ago when she starred in a video on plant breeders for the American Seed Trade Association.

In this interview, Alt discusses the role of newer breeding techniques and genomic knowledge enabling and complementing hybrid wheat breeding.

ASTA Interview with Jessie Alt, Corteva Agriscience (8:20)

If you want to see the entire wheat session, it is still available on-demand for registrants of the 2020 CSS & Seed Expo. Just click here.

Interviews and other media content from the event is available in the 2020 ASTA CSS AgNewsWire virtual newsroom.

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