Agricultural Solutions LLC Announces New Ownership

Cindy Zimmerman

Agricultural Solutions LLC has ended its financial partnership with Intergro, Inc., but Intergro will remain a distributor for crustacean meal products. The newly independent leadership team responsible for the creation of the crustacean meal product line is excited to now take the brand in a new direction.

Agricultural Solutions’ Managing Partner Don Long pioneered the conventional and organic production of grape tomatoes in the US and was introduced to the use of crustacean meal in 2004. He soon began using it in both conventional and organic production and after leaving commercial production, Long founded Agricultural Solutions to introduce crustacean meal and its benefits to the agricultural community. Other members of the leadership team include Dan Chellemi, Ph.D., who serves as Research & Development Director, and Everett Hendrixon, Chief Operating Officer.

“We are excited about the new direction, it gives us the opportunity to be more flexible and focus additional efforts in commodity crops and other agricultural sectors where CrabLife™ and PreBiotech™ products can be used as a preferred food source for beneficial microbes,” said Don Long. “Growers love our products because they are effective, economical and designed to be combined with current crop protection applications, so they are easy to implement.”

Agricultural Solutions’ patent-pending microbial-based formulations include:
CrabLife™: A line of natural fertilizers (CrabLife, CrabLife Powder and CrabLife Plus) scientifically proven to stimulate the soil microbiome, particularly microbes associated with plant growth promotion and the biological control of plant pathogens and parasitic nematodes.

PreBiotech™: Micronized crustacean meal designed for foliar applications to provide a preferred food source for beneficial microbes on plant surfaces including foliage, flowers, and fruit.

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