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BASF Values Grower Feedback

Carrie Muehling

The second annual BASF Agronomic Performance Trials (APT) Summit was a great opportunity for the company to get input from key customer growers who help them with on-farm trialing.

“It’s a time for us to listen to our customers,” said Monty Christian, BASF Marketing Director for Cotton. “If we need any last minute tweaks before we go into ending our processing season but beginning our planting season, this is a good time for us to listen to them.”

Christian said even with challenges to weather and seed quality, BASF received few complaints from growers during the 2019 growing season. The company continues to focus on getting seed to growers in a timely and efficient manner, while bringing new varieties that will increase choices for farmers.

“If you are a grower, making sure you have seed to plant the day you want to plant is paramount. Some years, that is a given because there is plenty of supply out there. But a grower knows they have to plant a crop. It’s their livelihood. We’re keenly aware of that,” said Christian.

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Monty here: Interview with Monty Christian, BASF

2020 BASF APT Summit Photo Album

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