Promoting Sustainability with e3 Cotton

Carrie Muehling

Those attending the 2020 BASF Agronomic Performance Trials (APT) Summit had the opportunity to learn more about the e3 Sustainable Cotton Program.

“What makes it unique is that we offer a program that can actually trace the cotton bale from the time it’s harvested at the grower’s field all the way through the entire value chain until it shows up in a garment on the shelf in your favorite retailer,” said Malin Westfall, BASF’s U.S. Cotton Lead.

The program gives cotton growers the opportunity to share with consumers the many sustainable practices they use, providing a platform to help farmers to tell those stories. Consumers have indicated they have a desire to purchase products that are made and grown sustainably, and Westfall hopes the increased premium consumers are willing to pay can end up back in the pockets of the growers that are doing the work.

BASF is looking for more cotton growers to participate in the program, and Westfall encouraged farmers to talk with a local BASF sales representative if they are interested in learning more.

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Malin here: Interview with Malin Westfall, BASF

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