Managing Costs During Tight Margins

Carrie Muehling

Margins are tight in the ethanol industry, and for a number of reasons from political to regulatory to economic. John Christianson, Principal, Christianson PLLP, told those attending the 2019 American Coalition for Ethanol Conference that successful plants have to be strategic and focused.

“It really comes down to leadership and it comes down to a laser focus,” said Christianson. “The management and boards of directors that are laser focused on the direction of their company and where they need to go. That leadership is something that we’re seeing is separating the top producers from the people that are struggling right now.”

Christianson said he believes that industry has what it takes to survive, in part because of commitment and innovation.

“This industry is transforming and evolving from an ethanol industry to really a biorefinery industry and the multiple innovations and new markets and new products that are coming out of the plants are really going to be the direction that this industry is going to be heading in the future,” he said.

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