Hubbard Feeds Introduces AllBite Block

Carrie Muehling

A new product from Hubbard Feeds will help with vice behavior in pigs. The AllBite™️ block, officially launched at ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference, helps to stabilize the mood of the pig and also modifies the actual behavior and social aspects of that pen to keep them more comfortable and help them not to pick on each other, said Jamie Pietig, swine nutritionist with Hubbard Feeds.

“What it does is it gives them a behavioral aspect to take their aggression out on something other than a pig. And then the ingredients are also in there to help calm pigs down and it actually kind of moderates neurotransmission in the pigs with what we have in there,” said Pietig, who noted the problem is a production issue, a cost issue and a welfare issue that seems to be gaining in the industry.

He said the product will help in the case of tail biting or ear biting and should be introduced as soon as these types of behavior are displayed. Pietig recommends one block per 25 pigs, and said that should last from one to two weeks in most cases.

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Jamie here: Interview with Jamie Pietig, Hubbard Feeds

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