Iron Solutions Promotion to Benefit Toys for Tots

Carrie Muehling

A unique promotion by equipment appraisal experts Iron Solutions will benefit Toys for Tots, based on a tongue-in-cheek call for information to appraise Santa’s well-used sleigh.

Santa is ready to trade-in his old model 1918-12.25 Sleigh, but has no idea what it’s worth. After all, Santa is busy pushing his elves to make more toys and has little time to spend with sleigh dealers.

“Iron Solutions has more than 80 years’ worth of equipment data, but not much data on Flying Sleighs. So, we figured we would do what we do best to generate values on used equipment — ask our dealer customers to help #AppraiseTheSleigh to benefit Toys for Tots,” said Linda Rader, General Manager for Iron Solutions.

To accomplish this appraisal, Iron Solutions is calling for its dealer customers (and other interested used sleigh experts) to submit the scores of data needed to appraise this 1908-12.25 sleigh.

For every option value or helpful comment received via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, Iron Solutions will donate 25 cents to Toys for Tots, up to $2,000.

Rader said, “Of course, Santa wants a decked-out ride, but Mrs. Claus says cash flow is an issue. We are asking lenders to offer finance options for Mr. and Mrs. Claus, which also will result in donations for Toys for Tots.”

Ideas should be sent via Iron Solutions’ social media sites by December 18 in order to be in time for Santa to trade-up for the big ride on December 24th.

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