Calf Health Vital to Farm Success

Carrie Muehling

Research trials at Hubbard’s Calf Research Facility provide important data to dairy producers on the farm. Dairy Research Nutritionist Ellan Dufour said more than 13,000 heifer calves have come through the facility, which is a partnership between Hubbard Feeds and the University of Minnesota.

“A strong calf program is one of the most important things you can do on a dairy, especially with your newborn, growing animals. Those newborns are the future success of your dairy farm,” said Dufour, who was at the 2018 World Dairy Expo.

Dufour said she’s proud to provide data to dairy farmers regarding calf health as keeping those calves healthy and growing is key. She said the team at the Calf Research Facility is technical and well managed, and the partnership with University of Minnesota faculty ensures integrity, soundness and validity of the research. The data can help farmers to implement very specific technologies into a calf diet, especially as more of the nation and the world move towards a system that would use fewer or no antibiotics.

Listen to Jamie’s interview with Ellan here: Interview with Ellan Dufour, Hubbard

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