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Bayer’s Delaro Showing Positive Plant Health Benefits

Chuck Zimmerman

Plant health and yield results for Bayer’s Delaro, a corn and soybean fungicide, are being tracked in a collaborative trial with Aker, an in-season drop monitoring and autonomous scouting platform. During this season, comparison images are showing positive plant health benefits from Delaro.

After applying fungicide, Aker uses high-resolution drones to capture multiple images of the fields. The results give growers a map, with red areas indicating less healthy plants and green representing healthy plants. The trials will also track yield comparisons.

“Monitoring a crop in season can help pinpoint if plants are under stress from things like disease,” said Todd Golly, co-founder of Aker. “Using aerial imagery helps growers understand how to better optimize inputs, which can increase yield and profitability. It helps growers be more productive in the field.”

Golly participated in a grower panel in the Bayer tent on the first day of Farm Progress Show where we interviewed him before the show was shut down due to weather – Bayer panel farmer Todd Golly, Minnesota

“Trials in 2017 found that Delaro provided a substantial yield increase over the untreated check in corn and soybeans,” said Ray Lello, fungicides product manager at Bayer. “However, we also consistently heard from trial participants that they observed improved plant health from Delaro. That’s why we are thrilled to collaborate with Aker to track qualitative metrics like plant health in addition to the known quantitative yield results of Delaro over the untreated check in corn and soybeans. Understanding how these benefits help contribute to an overall return on investment is beneficial for growers as they look to get the most out of their corn hybrids and soybean varieties.”

Ray was also at the Farm Progress Show During the 2018 Farm Progress Show I interviewed Ray about Delaro. Listen in to learn more about the product: Interview with Ray Lello, Bayer

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