Animal Ag Alliance Responds to Animal Rights Groups

Carrie Muehling

The Animal Agriculture Alliance has shared reaction to the most recent gathering of the Animal Rights National Conference, held June 28 through July 1 in Los Angeles.

The event was organized by the Farm Animal Rights Movement and sponsored by Mercy for Animals, The Save Movement, Compassion Over Killing and The Humane League, along with other animal rights extremist groups. According to conference organizers, the Animal Rights National Conference is the world’s largest and longest-running gathering of animal rights activists with the shared belief that “animals have the right to be free from all forms of human exploitation.”

“We believe it is important for everyone in animal agriculture to stay informed of how animal rights extremists plan to target us next,” said Kay Johnson Smith, Alliance president and CEO. “That’s why we release reports from major activist conferences every year. If your livelihood depends on animals, whether for food, research, transportation, or any other purpose, you need to review this report and prepare for what strategies and tactics these groups and individuals will use in their increasingly aggressive efforts to take meat, poultry, dairy and eggs off of our plates.”

This year’s conference speakers focused heavily on the “reproductive rights” of animals, an apparent new focus area for the movement. The 2018 Animal Rights National Conference Report, which includes personal accounts of speaker presentations and general observations, is available to Alliance members in the Resource Library on the Alliance website. The Alliance also has reports from previous animal rights conferences accessible to members on the Alliance website.

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  1. “If your livelihood depends on animals”, If you’re worried, simply stop killing animals start a wind farm, look at renewable energy sources to make money, it’s easier then killing animals, and you can charge people for electric. It’s not complicated. Instead of keeping on doing that which kills animals, do something that helps the planet and makes money. If you still want to farm, look in to aeroponics and hydroponics, and growing in green houses or look in to permaculture and food forests if you wish to make it as easy as possible to grow with very little involvement. Stop making excuses. There is many ways to make money, when you have money, or the ability to get a loan in which to build wind farms, and make way more money then you do from animal agriculture. Get out now of animal agriculture now, because that ship is sinking like a lead balloon. Soon meat can be made in labs, and then you’re done, no one will want meat from dead animals, when they can get it from a lab where no animal is harmed. And anyone who is worried about GMOs isn’t eating meat. So get out now, because your ship is sinking fast.

  2. Animals are not property or commodities, despite whatever cultural conditioning, tradition or religious beliefs have taught humans.

    The world is changing and animal rights are connected to human rights so if we are concerned about the rights of humans we need to also include other animals.

    That anyone needs to ‘do a job to earn a living to justify their existence’ is as equally outdated as using animals for any purpose.

    Along with veganism, Resource Based Economy (see would end all needless suffering to humans and other animals, whilst solving most, if not all, the socio-economic and ecological issues affecting us all on the planet we share with others, be they human or other animals.

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