Technology Continues to Evolve for Corn Sweeteners

Carrie Muehling

Innovations in the corn sweetener industry were among those on display at the 2018 Corn Utilization and Technology Conference in St. Louis. Companies like Novasep were on hand to present the latest information and technology they have on processes like glucose/fructose separation.

“We have made and work on drastic changes and optimization of this technology which opens new areas of application for our customers,” said Damien Brichant, Americas General Manager, Industrial Biotech, Novasep.

Brichant said many other sugars and amino acids are now purified with this technology, which continues to evolve.

“This is clearly an industry which is shifting from only food applications to much more industrial applications with a lot of innovation into it, so that’s great news,” he said.

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Damien here: Interview with Damien Brichant, Americas General Manager, Novasep

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