Hubbard’s Swine Research Facility a Valuable Asset

Carrie Muehling

Hubbard‘s new Leavenworth Livestock Research Center in Minnesota gives the company an expanded opportunity to do meaningful research around swine nutrition.

The facility is a 5,000-head barn designed to house pigs from wean to finish. Two rooms offer the possibility of side by side trials in a fully filtered barn that greatly decreases any possibility of disease. The feeding system allows caregivers to deliver specific feed to each pen, and separate water lines to each pen allow for research using water treatments, as well.

This type of research center is helping Hubbard to get new products to the producer more quickly, according to Emily Fruge, swine research coordinator for Hubbard.

“We have four core values that we really go for, and that is to make our producers’ lives easier, we want to increase their competitive advantage, we want to improve their profitability, and we also want to reduce their risk,” said Fruge.

Research at the Leavenworth Livestock Research Center includes developing technologies and improving feeding programs in a realistic commercial production scenario with a focus on those core values. Fruge was at the 2018 World Pork Expo in Des Moines, Iowa.

Listen to Jamie’s interview with Emily here: Interview with Emily Fruge, Hubbard

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