HomePod with an Echo

Chuck Zimmerman

Just for fun I set my new HomePod next to my Echo and asked them a couple of the same questions. Well, I asked Siri and Alexa to be precise. Nothing fancy here but I have a couple of observations.

One: I’ve had the Echo longer and this particular model sounds great in my office. Alexa has been getting much better at supplying answers. Although I haven’t really needed a new device like this the attraction was about integration with the Apple device ecosystem. It was simple to set up and Cindy and I have already had a conference call on it via my iPhone.

Two: HomePod requires you to subscribe to Apple Music. I didn’t. I pay extra for Amazon Unlimited music. I don’t want two music for pay services. Now I have to decide which it’s going to be. I might just cancel the extra charge to my Amazon Prime since I still get quite a bit of music there anyway.

Three: I don’t have a lot of “smart” devices for either of these devices to control. I’m more interested in asking questions and getting answers and listening to music. Although this Echo sounds fine I can definitely hear a difference for the better with the HomePod.

Now it’s time to crank it up!

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