Missouri Farmer Conserving for the Next Generation

Carrie Muehling

Giving the next generation a chance is part of the reason Missouri farmer Tim Gottman enrolled in the Soil Health Partnership. He urges other farmers to join him in thinking about the future.

“If you’re a little unsure, just think about the future generations that are going to be coming into agriculture, and what’s the soil going to be like for them?” asked Gottman, who farms in northeastern Missouri. “If we keep having the erosion that we have, you’re diminishing their chances at being able to succeed in agriculture. So, if for no other reason, for that reason.”

Gottman and his brother farm in an area with clay pan soil, which is prone to drought and erosion. They are in the first year of a five-year program where they plan to gather data on soil health, nutrient health and yield to learn more about how to conserve the soil while still increasing yields.

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