Clariant Agrocer™ Now Granulated

Cindy Zimmerman

Clariant once again brightened up the trade show floor at the CSS 2017 and Seed Expo last week in Chicago and announced the latest development in their dedicated range of colorants for the agricultural industry.

Clariant’s Agrocer seed colorants are now available in pre-dispersed granulated pigments with a very small particle size making them easy to disperse in cold water. “These are actually dried granules and are dust-free,” said Mark Self, market segment manager for Clariant. “They require minimal effort – just basically a stir-in.”

Self says Clariant has learned quite a bit from exhibiting at the seed expo for the last three years, and actually developed the new granulated product based on customer feedback at the show. “We get to meet a lot of seed companies and major producers of seed so we get to learn more of their needs and what they are looking for,” he said.

The new pre-dispersed granules flow like liquid, can be metered and are suitable for applications where a dust-free dry stir in process is needed. Agrocer Green 007 Gran. and Agrocer Yellow 001 Gran. are currently available in the granulated form. More colors will be added in the coming months.

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