John Deere Developing Media Relationships

Chuck Zimmerman

Beverly Flores, John Deere, North American Media Relations and Communications, John Deere Ag and Turf Division says she is attending the Ag Media Summit for Deere (first time) and she is looking forward to making relationships with the ag media representatives attending. When it comes to John Deere products she says they focus on what they’re doing in the precision ag space and their new S700 Combine. You can actually find more about the precision ag space via our coverage at the InfoAg Conference last week.

Getting back to the media, Beverly says she wants to know what they want or need from a company like John Deere and how they want to receive it. But getting to meet journalists personally is very important to her. That’s why the networking here is very important to ag company marketing/communication representatives.

You can listen to my interview with Beverly here: Interview with Beverly Flores, John Deere

View and download photos here: 2017 Ag Media Summit Photo Album

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Coverage of the Ag Media Summit is sponsored by FMC
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