Grassland Oregon Offers Pastures for Pollinators

Cindy Zimmerman

In response to the need to protect pollinators and support sustainable livestock farming, Grassland Oregon has introduced a new seed mixture called Pastures for Pollinators that will benefit bees, livestock and sustainable agriculture.

Risa DeMasi, co-founder of Grassland Oregon and immediate past chairman of the American Seed Trade Association says proceeds from the sales of Pastures for Pollinators will be donated to further sustainable agriculture research programs. “With over 400 million acres of pastureland in the US, we felt it was vital to develop a forage solution that would promote pollinator habitats while also helping farmers and ranchers to feed their livestock and to sustain their soil resources,” said DeMasi. Pastures for Pollinators seed mixture is available now and orders or donations can be made at

Learn more about Pastures for Pollinators in this interview: Interview with Risa DeMasi, Grassland Oregon, on Pastures for Pollinators

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