Farm Faster with 3RIVE 3D

Cindy Zimmerman

FMC’s Rick Ekins and Micro-Trak’s Heath McCormick

It was two years ago at National Farm Machinery Show that FMC Corporation introduced us to the revolutionary 3RIVE 3D application technology. Last year it won a FINovation award. This year, the product is now available through Micro-Trak Systems dealers in seven Midwest locations, according to company representative Heath McCormick.

“Those dealers are available to sell and install (3RIVE 3D) systems,” said McCormick during an interview at the NFMS last week. “Typical lead time this time of the year is under a week and our dealers would be happy to install it and get the grower up and going as soon as possible.”

The 3RIVE 3D platform integrates formulation technology, application technology and active ingredient to cover more ground in less time with fewer refills according to FMC Insecticide/Fungicide Portfolio Manager Rick Ekins who says their Capture® 3RIVE 3D™ insecticide is exclusively formulated for use with the 3RIVE 3D delivery system. “You take that proven technology, you put it in the 3RIVE 3D formulation, you marry that up with the system, and now we’re able to deliver a whole lot of acres with not a lot of product,” said Ekins.

Listen to both McCormick and Ekins talk about 3RIVE 3D in this interview: Interview with Rick Ekins, FMC and Heath McCormick, Micro-Trak

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