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#NFMS17 Sees Launch of Camso AG 2500 Series

Kelly Marshall

“There are a lot of reasons why you should be running a track system, but yield is what it all boils down to,” Eric Blondeau Executive Director of Tracks and Wheels at Camso told Chuck Zimmerman.

For growers already familiar with the track’s benefits of being able to work in the fields whenever they like without compromising the soil, Camso has a new product they’re debuting at the National Farm Machinery Show. The AG 2500 series was designed to match what a grower might be getting from his competitor, but with Camso’s quality and unique compounds that make it available at 15% less. “When it’s time to change, you’ll be very happy with our product,” Blondeau says, “and you’re pocket will be even happier.”

The AG 2500 series tracks are available for all friction-drive tractors, including the John Deere 8RT and 9RT tractors as well as the AGCO MT700 and MT800 platforms.

For more information about the AG 2500 series listen to Chuck’s full interview with Blondeau here: Interview with Eric Blondeau, Camso

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