Why #Farmers Grow #GMOs

Cindy Zimmerman

Maryland farmer Chip Bowling agrees with a new survey that finds the main reason farmers have increased their use of genetically modified (GM) crops is sustainability.

“We’re better at what we do because of technology, whether it’s seeds and traits or through the equipment that we use,” says Bowling, who farms on the Chesapeake Bay. He is also chairman of the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) and vice chairman of the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance (USFRA) which recently released a survey of farmers on their attitudes towards GM technology.

The survey found that farmers like Bowling believe biotechnology helps them raise crops more efficiently, and that the environment and sustainability practices will suffer if GMO technology utilization is reduced in crop production in the future. Moreover, when asked about farmers’ ability to lessen their environmental footprint, GMO seeds ranked top of the list (98%).

“With GMOs and advances in agricultural technology, we’re utilizing our resources much more precisely today and have pinpoint accuracy when applying fertilizer, nitrogen and chemical applications. This is especially important on my farm in the Chesapeake Bay watershed,” said Bowling. “The farmers’ perspective in the survey findings are a direct indication of how important genetic engineering technology is for the environment and our food supply, and how it benefits farmers and consumers alike.”

Bowling says they are hoping to help consumers understand the beneficial link between GMO technology and sustainability. “Only 11 percent of consumers see GMOs as being favorable,” he said. “But if you talk to them about increased yields and efficiency, then 50 percent believe GMOs are on the right path.”

Learn more about Chip believes GMOs are sustainable in this interview: Interview with Chip Bowling, USFRA vice chair

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  1. GMOs are contributing to illness and a toxic environment in the name of product sustainability. And with greed the culprit. Multi billion dollar corporations. I am so tired of being fed deception. “Genetically modified” should be enough to spell out the truth but Americans are too busy in their all-consuming lifestyles to…..stop…..and think. And corporations are banking(perfect word choice) on this. Pathogens that before, never affected humans are now causing untreatable; awful illnesses. Because they are …..ahem…….genetically modified. Agrobacteria is one of these pathogens.
    The illness caused by it is denied and covered up. It causes terrible suffering. So wake up America! Pay attention to the truth about GMOs.

    1. Janet, you have two themes in your comment. One theme is that GMO crops cause all sorts of problems, e.g. contributing to illness, toxic environment, terrible suffering. Unfortunately, we have only your say so for these claims and they seem to go against the claims of other people who seem very credible.

      But the other theme is that you are tired of being deceived by corporations which are trying to make money by deceiving you. I would like to hear your comment about an example of such a deceptive practice which comes from exactly the opposite side.

      There’s a Jewish religious holiday called Passover, during which pious Jews eat matzoh instead of bread. There are several companies which make and sell matzoh. One of those companies is Manischewitz. For the last few years, boxes of Manishewitz have been displaying a very large and prominent icon that says the product is GMO-free. When I say large and prominent, I mean that it is just about the largest thing on then label, as large as the word Manischewitz, as large as the word Matzoh, many times larger than the ingredient list or the net weight, etc. Very clearly Manischewitz is giving its customers the message that being GMO-free is a very important reason for buying Manischewitz matzoh instead of another brand.

      But in fact, all matzoh is GMO-free. The only ingredients of matzoh is wheat flour and water. There is absolutely no GMO wheat in commercial use anywhere in the world. There never has been. Can you explain this huge GMO-free label on matzoh as anything else besides a company’s desire to deceive its potential customers, relying on the fear of GMO products to make them choose their brand over all other brands?

      This is not an isolated example. There are dozens of processed foods labeled GMO-free to attract customers even though there no comparable product have even contained GMOs.

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