Two Years of Progress for ResponsibleAg

Kelly Marshall

ara-16-qualls ResponsibleAg began their safety compliance mission two years ago, and already the program has signed up 2,284 locations, Bill Qualls reported at the Agricultural Retailers Association Conference & Expo.

The numbers reflect the importance of safety to members of the industry, Qualls asserts, and it is his job to make sure they’re well informed. “My goal is to help each of these retail sites, suppliers, distributors, anyone who wants to participate in ResponsibleAg understand the compliance objectives, the issues that regulators are interested in, to identify those and fix those thing to be much safer than they were before.”

Already the program has completed 1,100 audits. While these inspections have noted more than 45,000 non compliance issues, more than 99 percent of the problems were related to documentation, training or other issues not directly affecting the health or safety of workers. In addition to that good news, 25,000 of the problems have already been fixed.

The organization is also working with an insurance company to hopefully provide discounts to companies with the ResponsibleAg certification.

Learn more about the program by listening to Qualls address here: Bill Qualls, ResponsibleAg

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