I AM @USFRA – Kansas Corn

Cindy Zimmerman

i-am-usfra-webThe Kansas Corn Commission is one of 16 state corn grower groups that are members of the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance (USFRA), along with the National Corn Growers Association, and communications director Sue Schulte says it is very beneficial for them.

“USFRA is really working on a multi-level campaign to advocate for agriculture, not only with consumers but with food companies and others,” said Schulte during the recent USFRA board meeting. “On a state level, we don’t necessarily have the resources that a group like USFRA has at their disposal so it’s very beneficial to have those USFRA resources.”

usfra-ks-cornSchulte says it is critical for all agricultural organizations from the local to the national level to work together to educate the public. “We need to tell the entire story of agriculture, not just the corn story,” she added.

Schulte believes that USFRA is “moving the needle” when it comes to helping people understand how their food is produced and hopes the SMART Farm platform will bring home the benefits of technology to consumers. “Farmers are really techies in a good way to produce more sustainable crops,” she said.

Listen to my interview with Sue here: Interview with Sue Schulte, Kansas Corn

USFRA 2016 Fall Board Meeting photos


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