Calgary Welcomes @AgriTrend 2016 Farm Forum Event

Cindy Zimmerman

The AGRI-TREND® 2016 FARM FORUM EVENT is coming up next month in Calgary, Alberta with the theme LEARN & GROW.

agritrend-farm-forumThe event, which will be held December 6-8 at the Calgary TELUS Convention Centre, brings over 1000 attendees together to see the latest innovations, learn from top experts from the world’s leading agricultural companies, and share information among the largest growers from Canada and the United States.

The event was conceived by AGRI-TREND and began in Saskatoon, SK in 1998. The company provides professional advisory services to growers through the AGRI-TREND Network of over 200 experts known as Coaches. These AGRI-TREND Coaches™ work with growers to help them make agronomic and marketing decisions throughout the year. As the business grew, so did the FARM FORUM EVENT. “This annual gathering is now a major event where farmers learn new things and grow their knowledge,” says Neil Yelland, Director of Advisory Services, AGRI-TREND.

He explains how the new location expands the potential for the event. “We now have room to grow. We’ll be able to improve the experience for everyone, as the convention center downtown provides more space and the connected hotels let all enjoy the event without worry about going out in the weather” says Yelland. He also shares that the event has been upgraded with entertainment planned nightly including farmer/country singer Drew Gregory opening for The Washboard Union.

Early bird registration is available online until November 4, and a limited number of sponsorships remain available for the event.

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